Published on September 8, 2007 By pseudosoldier In Diet
On the 6th, my diet was pretty much in-line with what I had eaten on the 5th, until I got to dinner. I was home just after 6pm and asleep about an hour later, so I didn't get to eat.
On the 7th, it was more or less more of the same, except that dinner fell into that malleable "weekend time" where calories don't count against me (until I weigh myself Monday morning).

PT on the 6th was a leg workout in the gym; I skipped my afternoon session because I was exhausted (as evidenced by falling asleep before prime time TV was fully underway). PT on the 7th was MSE with the student platoon in a round-robin sort of style (each soldier calling out a different exercise and all of us executing them).

My apartment's pool is either closed for the season or the maintenance guy forgot to unlock it today. Suck.

Back to good habits on Monday.

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