Published on February 9, 2007 By pseudosoldier In Work
Earlier this week, I got some good "face time" with my 1SG because I approached him about a matter concerning the Joint Services Color Guard. I have recently taken over as the NCOIC and was having trouble procuring volunteers for an upcoming event. I asked him if he could poll the cadre to find interested personnel, not just for this particular event but in general so that I could have a rotating roster of possible candidates for participation.

He thought this was a great idea, at least partially because he said that had been his vision of the JSCG last spring when he took over as 1SG. He said he would work on it and thanked me for stepping up into the position.

I ran into the 1SG by chance this morning in the hallway of our offices. As I was about to duck back into the office to give my supervisor the heads up that he was around, he addressed me. "SSG Soldier, you should start thinking about going to the NCO of the Quarter Board. In fact, the next one. Start studying up."

Our brief exchange continued, and it looks like I won't go to the very next one. It will likely be held in the middle of next month while I'm on leave with my sons for their spring break. But it looks good for me to attend one in the following quarter.

I went back into the office and told my supervisor. She and another SSG in the office thought it was a great idea, and that I was not only a good candidate but would do very well at it. Then my supervisor informed me that she had submitted me as a candidate for Instructor of the Month as well.

And I just finished an advanced instructor course that is hard to get into. And I'm the JSCG NCOIC. And I'm currently supervising the soldier students who are on profile during PT.

I guess I'm doing something right.

on Feb 09, 2007
As long as I have known you, you have never done anything wrong. You have been stellar at any task given to you, no matter what you think. You were awesome as an OR clerk, kick ass as an analyst and I am sure even more bad ass as an instructor/ JSCG NCOIC. You really give yourself too little credit.

You truly are awesome.
on Feb 09, 2007
on Feb 10, 2007
It's all 'greek' to me but since you're getting all that recommendation, yep, you're doing something right!
on Feb 14, 2007
Congrats my friend... I will offer onlya small word of caution : Make sure you know when you are approaching the point of overload for your work. Sometimes great performers end up being shat upon by the command as they dump an ever-increasing load of tasks that others can and should be doing too. Ask Junie.
on Feb 17, 2007
Pseudo, I know I've said this before but it's been a while and all that. You are a great soldier. More importantly, you are also a quality person: one who has integrity and caring and sincerity. And it shows in your work. It shows in your interpersonal relationships. You are just a high caliber individual. Congratulations and you can have all my prayers, luck, karma, etc., for the big day.

Besides, win or lose you'll always be *MY* NCO of the Quarter, big guy... ::