Published on January 31, 2007 By pseudosoldier In Work
Today, the offer I was made yesterday became official when I accepted the position of the base Joint Services Color Guard NCOIC (i.e. head dude of the guys who carry the flags).

I'd like to think I was offered the position by the previous NCOIC because I will do a good job with it. I'm not saying I won't do a good job, because I will, but I realize that the offer was made more out of my perceived willingness to take the job off his hands. I don't hold it against him. He's one of my favortie guys here, and he's busy with other things (work and non-work)... besides, I had just been thinking that I want to be doing what he's been doing "when I grow up," and that included NCOIC of the Color Guard. (It includes a position which I'm certain I will take before I leave here, Platoon Sergeant for student AD linguists, a position I'm almost certainly guaranteed because of, again, my willingness to shoulder what others refuse.)

Other work-related what-not: I'm in an Air Force run class that will assist me in getting my "Master Instructor" badge (I think that's the next level after Basic, which I've already received). They cancelled PT for the students today (they need to clean their nasty nasty rooms) but didn't tell me, so I wound up standing around like a jerk for 10 minutes before I walked over to the barracks. And I have a PT test next week which I'm not confident about... I really need to fix that so it doesn't happen again.

on Feb 01, 2007
congrats on the new job!
on Feb 04, 2007
on Feb 07, 2007
That PT thing just never gets any easier...