Published on January 21, 2007 By pseudosoldier In Work
It has taken me awhile to write this but for no particular reason. There are no OPSEC concerns nor was it any great fiasco. I guess I just didn't.

On 14DEC06 (was it so long ago already?), I participated in the Joint Service Color Guard for a wreath laying ceremony as part of Wreaths Across America. Link We had some trouble with attaining a representative from the local Navy Detachment. Apparently, they sent only one Boatswain's Mate to do both the Color Guard and the wreath laying. Since that wasn't going to work (and there were no other Naval personnel on hand), we had one of the Marines carry the Navy colors. The other gaffe was certainly not our fault; the local Civil Air Patrol "officers" had to apologize to the "crowd" that the wreaths had not yet arrived.

But those of us on the Color Guard performed well and the ceremony was carried out with as much dignity as the CAP could muster. Click on Link and you will actually get to see me for once. I'm third from the left, carrying the Army colors. (Just 9 more Joint Service Color Guards and the Base Commander will give me an Air Force Achievement Medal. Hoo. Ah.)

on Jan 22, 2007
Crap, I've got to pay better attention. I did write about this. But at least this time I had that picture...