Apologies to chiprj
Published on January 15, 2007 By pseudosoldier In Work
We received notification late (1440) Friday. The family had requested full honors but we were unable to organize the firing squad in such a short time. The deceased served honorably so was certainly entitled to military honors at his funeral, so myself and another Staff Sergeant made the arrangements for today.

We performed it as a two-man detail and practiced at his house prior to arriving at the cemetery. We saluted the casket as the pall bearers carried it to the site. We positioned ourselves out of the way and received final instructions from the funeral director (when we should begin our portion and who to present the flag to). The Catholic priest would do his portion and then present a crucifix; that would be our cue. We said the Lord's Prayer ("Our Father," with my Baptist compatriot fumbling at the point where he would normally continue, "For thine is the kingdom") and the priest continued en Espanol. It was quick and I stepped off to the foot of the casket as SSG L pushed play on the CD player. We rendered hand salutes from either end of the grave as Taps played and then proceeded to fold the flag. I presented it to the deceased's nephew and we stepped aside to allow them to spend some final moments with their loved one.

We were watched intently during the process. The family was obviously pleased that we came out to honor their departed loved one; some of them even took pictures of our part. We received a few handshakes and the thanks of the funeral director before we faded off into the background.

I was glad to be able to do this for his family, and equally glad that I didn't break during the funeral. I'm terrible with death. The last funeral I attended was my godfather's, three Christmasses ago. Taps is always hard and the nephew couldn't make eye contact with me as I handed him the flag commemorating his uncle's service.

SSG L and I went to the Baker Street Coffee House and had lunch after. It was good getting to know a co-worker better. And now I'm watching El Cid (Charlton Heston, Sophia Loren). Not a bad day off at all...

on Jan 15, 2007
You got ChiprJ's detail. Thank you for doing it. And letting us know how it goes.
on Jan 16, 2007
And now I'm watching El Cid

I haven't seen that in years, good flick.

SSG L and I went to the Baker Street Coffee House

I used to get a club sandwich on a chocolate chip bagel with thousand island there. It sounds terrible, but it's delicious.
on Jan 16, 2007
I haven't seen that in years, good flick.

It was way too long. 3 hours? Sometimes I don't sleep for three hours.

I used to get a club sandwich on a chocolate chip bagel with thousand island there.

No way in Hell. I mean, that's a SPC NBS original, I couldn't infring on your mad flava. Or flavor.
on Jan 17, 2007

Funeral detail was something I always liked doing mainly because no one else seemed to want to. As you saw from your xperience, it can mean a great deal for the family of the deceased. Glad you went.