Published on January 8, 2007 By pseudosoldier In Work
Today, I began to take over the Physical Training responsibilities for the soldier trainees who have a restriction on what sort of PT they can perform due to an injury. My first assessment is this: they've had it too good for too long.

We (and I mean the SFC in charge of the overall PT program for our company; I'd just be the guy to implement and hopefully influence his direction) had previously allowed the students to utilize the gym facilities during directed PT times with minimal interference (read: supervision) from the Noncommissioned Officer cadre. Starting today, we (and I mean me and another SFC who would be taking over the program if she wasn't going onto swing shift this week) had all of them (19!) head to the track to run/walk at their own pace. Only ONE of these soldiers has no profile against running; everyone else has some sort of restriction.

For the most part, there was little all-out bitching. Yes, there was some grumbling and some whining. No big. Most of them sucked it up and did the best they could with what they were given. Several of them really ought to be allowed into the gym on cardio days because they're just that injured. But there are a handful of them that were too vocal in the whining and not interested in making the best of what they were given.

It is those few that are going to ruin things when I start making individual assessments and recommendations for a more individualized PT program.


on Jan 09, 2007
Individual PT will never be a reality in an Army that doesn't believe in individual responsibility.