Published on December 8, 2006 By pseudosoldier In Work
The week started off... oddly. I hadn't really recovered from last weeks' duty (read: loss of sleep) by the weekend, and although I love having my boys here it certainly didn't make for additional rest. I actually dreaded going into work on Monday, and my trepidation was rewarded with a long, long day. I administered a test to my student soldiers, and one of them did poorly enough to require retraining. I arrived home at quarter til 6, missed PT, and ate meat and drank booze until I fell asleep on the couch at about 8:30 pm.

Obviously, I didn't rest well, so I went into Tuesday a bit off. Another test... another retrain. That, coupled with paperwork, meant that I got home even later, after 6. This time the massive amounts of protein and fair amount of alcohol put me out before 8.

Wednesday was better. First off, no test. But there was a briefing that evening, starting at 5. It lasted for 2. And. A. Half. Hours. No way I could get to sleep by 8 if I got home at quarter til... and I had laundry to do. I got to bed after 11.

But, sometimes you have a good day. All my students not only passed the Thursday test but did exceedingly well on it. The Company Commander dropped by for a visit and apparently I impressed him. He mentioned me by name to the rest of my chain of command. Then I had a really good teaching eval, rated by my boss and my previous boss. My previous boss actually commented to another supervisor that he was impressed with a couple of things I did. (That supervisor told me today that she thought I was a good instructor.)

Today was pretty laid back. I taught, I reviewed, we shot the breeze with the young soldiers a bit more than usual. I got my briefing for my weekend duty and then I went on a four mile ruck march with a sixty pound ruck.

Sometimes you have a good day... or two.

on Dec 08, 2006
Those good days can make the bad ones worth it.

on Dec 09, 2006
Those good days can make the bad ones worth it.Sometimes.

Yep, they sure can!

I'm thinking about that song now...."you had a bad day...."