Published on September 7, 2006 By pseudosoldier In Work

8. Soldier

Why it's everlasting: Even if world peace were a reality, there would still be a fear of future wars based on history.

What it pays: The basic pay for enlisted personnel is an annual income of $14,137. The position also includes paid housing, food allowances, healthcare at little to no cost for the soldier and their family, extended vacation/leave, education stipends and additional incentives.

Yes, I have job security (although take a look at the pay). While personally reassuring, I'd much rather be out of the job. (I personally believe that soldier should be one of the professions that actively seeks to end the need for itself.)

on Sep 07, 2006
I used to think that I had the most secure job in the world... Thanks to Mr. Clinton and his hack job of a drawdown, my Regular Army career ended...

Then I figured I had pretty good job security, being an Associate Degreed Paramedic with training in Search & Rescure, Wild Land Fire Fighter, Emergency Management and Crowd Control... but then my health went in the crapper....

So I've learned that "Job Security" is a myth (almost a lie). Whether it's military, civil service or the private sector, everyday we wake up and take our chances... nothing more.

The best advice I've ever heard for any situation.. "Hope for the Best, Plan for the Worst".... that and (of course)...


(always flexible) :~D