Published on January 28, 2008 By pseudosoldier In Work
I volunteered for this additional duty position over half a year ago, as the alternate. I started to figure that it was something my unit didn't take seriously, since I didn't have any training and I was the "alternate" to an empty primary position (ever since Geezer left the service). Then, at the beginning of the calendar year, the base started directing all servicemembers to see their Unit Tax Representatives for assistance with filing. (What was I supposed to tell them, go online? Fork over for H&R Block?)

Finally last Thursday, I got notified that I'd have a "tax class" this afternoon. Two days notice. (Aim high.) But the kicker today was (besides being feverish and exhausted) when I found out the class actually lasts all week. That puts me out of train up for that whole period, a time when I could really focus in on it because the handful of soldiers my section has assigned will be on leave.

Then, the newly appointed primary tells me that she has been told that we will wind up taking turns at the "tax desk" at the library DURING DUTY HOURS and primarily helping retirees! Sounds like the Air Force doesn't really appreciate the concept of "Additional Duty Position" nor "Unit Tax Representative."

And they've given me homework: they expect me to finish the take-home test over the weekend... when I have my kids. [/thumbs his nose] I'm going to try to finish it all up by Thursday morning so I can skip the rest of the class, but they're having us complete Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Military... I can do Basic as it is right now, but some of the other stuff is, well, advanced.

Feh. Bastards. [/rant]

on Jan 29, 2008
So you can't tell them to go on line and just plug in the numbers at any of those tax prep sites uh? Good luck with it!
on Jan 29, 2008 is our friend, really!

They have everything online that you might need... it's just understanding what it's trying to tell you that's the problem!