Published on November 19, 2006 By pseudosoldier In Cooking
Just a minor note from this weekend. Actually, I've been doing this for some time and just hadn't mentioned it.

Substituting thawed frozen pre-cooked shrimp for the canned tuna in Tuna Helper is a bit hit. Also, adding in a portion of frozen peas doesn't seem to faze them at all.

Other food bits: I've been tearing through Lean Cuisines and fresh pears all week. I need to always have a can of low sodium beef broth on hand. I'll run through the milk I buy if I also buy kids' cereal. I need to drink more water but make sure I have emergency diet soda stashes on hand. I need a better way of tracking my recipes.

on Nov 19, 2006
I only have a one word response for this. Really, just a single word and no more. When it comes to Tuna Helper there really is just the one word, and I wouldn't think of cluttering up your thread with a longer reply as that one word will do. So I'll just reply with the one word that pretty much says it all about Tuna Helper and leave it at that. Besides, a lot of times a one word reply can be quite funny or even insightful you know.